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Customs Transit

What is Customs Transit? (Decree No. 91.030/85)

It is the special regime that enables the transportation of merchandise, under customs control, from a spot to another in customs territory, with tributes suspension. The regime subsists from the origin place, to the destination place, from the moment of the clearance performed by the Federal Revenue division that has the jurisdiction the origin place until the moment the division that has the jurisdiction of the destination place certifies the arrival of the merchandise.

Federal Revenue Service Merchandise transportation in customs transit operation may only be carried out by courier companies previously qualified by the Federal Revenue.

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What is DTA transportation?

Every merchandise that enter or leave the Brazilian territory shall have a regulation. Besides the ones specific to the products, there is also the one related to the transportation of such cargo by every customs zone. In Brazil, this control is made by the Customs Transit Statement (DTA). This is responsible for authorizing the transportation of merchandise from a certain customs territory to another. DTA is an electronic document that enables the customs transit of cargo, it "nationalizes" the merchandise, enabling the internalization of the cargo in the customs sectors. The customs authority, under which jurisdiction the merchandise to be carried is found, will establish a route, term for operation execution, term for arrival evidence and caution deemed necessary.


The Integrated Foreign Trade System – SISCOMEX, instituted by the Decree No. 660, of September 25th, 1992, is a computer system responsible for integrating the registration, follow-up and control activities of the foreign trade operations, through a single and automated flow of information.

SISCOMEX Customs Transit: This Siscomex module deploys the computer customs control of the entry, passage and transfer customs transit regime, including in the multi-modal transportation operation. The system electronically controls the cargo in transit, from the start to the conclusion, enabling the customs to exercise timely and selective control of the transit operations.

SERPRO: Federal Data Processing Service is a public company bound to the Ministry of Finance. It was created on 12/01/1964 by the Law No. 4.516, which business is the provision of services in Information Technology and Communication for the public sector, is deemed one of the largest IT public companies in the world (Developed SISCOMEX).

SERPRO Brazilian Federal Revenue Service Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade Federal Government