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What is CDRJ?

On February 28th, 1967, by the decree No. 256, extinguishes the Harbor Administration and authorizes the constitution of the Companhia Docas do Rio de Janeiro (CDRJ). Its mission is to lead the development of the organized harbors of the State of Rio de Janeiro under the responsibility of CDRJ, managing the harbor infrastructure, fostering the competition of the operations and inducing the urban, economical and social-environmental development in its harbor-city relation.

Customs In order to enter the Rio de Janeiro Harbor, carts and drivers shall, obligatorily, have the Entry Clearance, provided by the Harbor Guard and Rio de Janeiro Customs permission (SEVIG). Additional information

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What is SEVIG?

Customs Surveillance and Control Services – SEVIG belongs to the organizational structure of the Federal Revenue Department of Brazil – RFB, single specific body, directly subordinated to the Ministry of Finance. SEVIG is liable for the cargo control and customs surveillance activities.

Is the accreditation mandatory?

The accreditation at the Customs Surveillance and Control Service – SEVIG is mandatory for companies that provide services at Rio de Janeiro Harbor, according to Service Order ALF/RJO No. 6, where the Rio de Janeiro Harbor Customs Inspector, using his powers conferred by item II of article 227 of the MF Ordnance No. 259 of August 24th, 2001, determines:

Art. 1° Shall be accredited at the Customs Surveillance and Control Service, in order to have the permission to perform operations at Rio de Janeiro Harbor, the following legal entities:

Tourisms Companies Services Providers in General, On-Board Consumption Products Supplying Companies, Cargo Inspection Companies, Land and Sea Courier Companies.

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