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What is SEFAZ-RJ?

State Department of Treasury of Rio de Janeiro, Responsible for the development and deployment of the fiscal policy of the state, including its tax aspect. It function is to raise taxes of its competence and the financial management of the State. Its mission is to promote and manage the public resources that enable the Government management, with transparency, exemption and timeliness, rendering accounts and making the information necessary for the continuous improvement of the fiscal and social control of the State available with agility.

"Office is the name given in Brazil to the governmental offices of the states and cities dedicated to each of the portfolios, such as education, health or transportation. The public officer designated by the governor or mayor to command the office is called secretary".

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What is State Registration?

The State Registration (IE) is the taxpayer registration in the ICMS registry kept by the State Revenue. With the registration, the ICMS - Value-Added Tax taxpayer has the formal registration of their business, at the State Revenue of the state where they are established.

CAD-ICMS is integral part of the General Taxpayer Registration of the State of Rio de Janeiro – CADERJ:

The General Taxpayers Registry of the State of Rio de Janeiro - CADERJ intends to identify the assets affected by state taxes, as well as individuals and legal entities and the individual companies that practice operations related to the movement of goods, or equivalent, or also that provide services in the state tax competence area, even when these operations or provisions, that comprise event triggering the tax, have their payments anticipated or deferred, or when the tax credit is deferred, reduced or excluded due to exemption or other benefits, incentives or fiscal favors, or also, when they are operations exempted from the tax.

Who should be Registered at CAD-ICMS?

Every individual and legal entity institutions and individual entrepreneur that practice operations related to the following should be registered CAD-ICMS:

  • - Movement of Goods.
  • - Interstate and Intermunicipal Transportation Services;
  • - Serviços de comunicação.

Note: Listed in article 31 of the SEF Resolution No. 2.861/97 the ones obliged to registration in this segment.

SEFAZ Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro