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What is ABIQUIM?

The Brazilian Chemical Industry Association, non-profit entity, founded on 06/16/1964, gathers large, medium and small chemical industries, as well as service providers to the logistic, transportation, waste management and emergency service areas. It is structured to perform the statistic follow-up of the industry, promote specific studies on the activities and products of the chemical industry, follow up the changes in the legislation and advise associated companies in economical, technical and foreign trade matters.

The entity represents the industry in international agreement negotiations. It represents the Brazilian chemical industry at Mercosur CIQUIM and ICCA.

ABIQUIM is responsible for the coordination, in national level, of the Responsible Practice Program® and for the Pro-Chemistry® operation, besides managing the CB 10 - Brazilian Technical Standards Committee, of ABNT.

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What is SASSMAQ?

SASSMAQ enables a performance evaluation in the safety, health, environment and quality areas of the companies providing services to the chemical industry.

The companies' evaluation is carried out by independent certifying bodies accredited by Abiquim.

The "central elements" comprised of administrative, financial and social aspects of the company, and the "specific elements", comprised of the services offered and by the operational structure are evaluated.

SASSMAQ evaluation is not mandatory, but its enforcement generates an important differential for the certified companies by the system for the evidence that they offer qualified services in the logistic operations.

What are the benefits of SASSMAQ?

It makes the selection of a services provider faster and values the image of the industry, as it mirrors its concern with the risk reduction in the operations.

The system enforcement brings benefits with the cost reduction, as a result of the use of a single evaluation system acknowledged by the chemical industry and an important market differential for the evidence of its ability with safe operations with chemicals.

Sassmaq is based on the engagement and the participation of the following companies and institutions:

  • Abiquim – Responsible for the management of the Safety, Health, Environment and Quality System.
  • Certifying bodies – Specialized and accredited for systems evaluation, inspection and audit.
  • Logistic services providers – Companies interested in SASSMAQ enforcement, aiming the qualification to conform to the chemical industry.
  • Chemical industry – As user of the logistic services, it seeks to extend to the whole production chain the safety, health, environment and quality principles adopted in its operations.