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Federal Police

About the Federal Police:

The Federal Constitution, of January 24th, 1967, article 210, established that "The current Federal Public Security Department (DFSP) becomes Federal Police Department (DPF) automatically considered superseded by this denomination the previous mention contained in any laws or regulations". The Federal Police denomination. The Constitutional Amendment No. 1, of October 17th, 1969, that practically reformed the 1967 CF, kept the Federal Police denomination and its assignments, now contained in item VIII, of the same article.

What is DCPQ?

Chemicals Control Division: it is the activity performed by the Federal Police, due to the Law No. 10.357/2001 (and regulations), aiming the control and inspection of chemicals that might be

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What is the Registration Records Certificate / Operation License (CRC / CLF)?

Those are the documents that certify that the legal entity in regular situation, or individual in case of the rural producer, is duly registered in the Chemicals Control Division.

Which are the activities that need authorization?

The company shall verify the lists (Annex I) of Ordinance 1.274/2003 if the chemicals will be used and/or transported are controlled and if are within the exemption limit specified in these lists.

The companies that exclusively perform the controlled chemicals transportation and storage activities are dismissed from informing these products in their registry.

Does CRC expire?

CRC does not expire as long as the company do not miss the expiration of the Operation License Certificate renewal that is valid for 01 (one) year.

What is the term to renew the CLF?

The license renewal shall be required within 60 (sixty) days immediately previous to the expiration date of the Operation License Certificate.