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What is Inea?

The Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro created through the Law No. 5.101, of October 4th, 2007, the State Environment Institute (Inea), submitted to special autarchic regime and bound to the Environment Office of the State, with the function of executing the state environmental, water resources and forest resources policies adopted by the Executive and Legislative Government of the State.

Inea merger unified, widened and strengthened the green (IEF, blue (Serla) and brown (Feema) agendas, seeking the efficacy and agility in the environment preservation and recovery activities.

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What is an environmental license?

Administrative act upon which the environmental body establishes the environmental control conditions, restrictions and measures that should be met in the location, facilities, expansion and operation of endeavor or activities considered effectively or potentially polluting or those that, in any way, may cause environmental degradation. Perenyi counts with the following licenses:

Operations License(LO): Authorizes the operation of activity or endeavor, after verifying the effective compliance with the content of the previous licenses, with the environmental controls measures and others constraints determined for the operation.

Simplified Environmental License(LAS): Administrative act upon which the environmental body, in a single phase, states the environmental feasibility, approves the location and authorizes the deployment and/or the operation of endeavors or activities or frames in Class 2, defined according to Table 1, contained in Chapter III of the State Decree No. 42.159, establishing the environmental control conditions and measures that shall be observed.

Confirmation Document(AVB): Administrative act upon which the environmental body alters data contained in the Environmental License or Authorization, such as entitlement, CNPJ, object, constraints and expiration date, in cases provided in the State Decree No. 42.159.

INSTRUMENTO DE LICENCIAMENTO O Decreto Estadual nº 42.159 instituiu diversos instrumentos para o licenciamento ambiental, compreendendo Licenças, Autorizações, Certidões e outros.

Ministério do Meio Ambiente Governo do Estado do Rio de Janeiro