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What is DFPC?

Due to the resulting complexity, diversity of the activities and responsibilities, the Controlled Product Inspection Board (DFPC), with head office in Brasília, subordinated to the former War Material Department, according to the provision in the Presidential Decree No. 87.738, of October 20th, 1982. After its creation, DFPC centralized the actions of the Inspection System, starting its operation as independent Military Organization on the first day of March of the year of 1983, as the BI/DMB No. 39 of that year made public.

DFPC was born of the merger of the War Material Department Technical Support (DMB) and the Inspection, Import, Deposit and Traffic of Controlled Products Section (SFIDT/DMB).

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What is the Registry Certificate (CR)?

The base legislation that addresses products controlled by the Brazilian Army is the Decree No. 3.665, of November 20th, 2000, which approved the new writing of the Regulation for the Inspection of Controlled Products (R-105). Annex I of R-105 defines which products are controlled by the Brazilian Army.

Ordinance No. 05-DLog, of March 2nd, 2005 (Pub BE of March 18th, 2005), that regulated the granting and the revalidation of registries, additions and technical evaluations of products controlled by the Army, and giver other provisions, addresses, in its Annexes, of the lists of the document to obtain the registry for the army of activities with controlled products. The sole paragraph of art. 41 prescribes that the CR will not be granted to the TR holder, this legal provision being supplemented with the content of item IV of art. 46, that establishes the release of new branches or branches located in the same city. Subsequently, companies located in different cities will have different registries.

Which are the activities that need authorization?

The performance of the inspection covers different activities, such as: manufacture, import, export, customs clearance, commercialization and traffic, each one of them suitable to the interest the product arouses.

Currently, the standard in force, that sets out every procedure to perform activities with controlled products, is the Decree No. 3.665, of November 20th, 2000 (Regulation for the Inspection of Controlled Products/R-105).

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