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What is DNIT?

The National Transportation Infrastructure Department (DNIT) was created on June 5th, 2001 by the law number 10.233. The institution is a federal autarchy bound to the Ministry of Transportation. It mission of to execute the guidelines of the national road, railroad, waterway transportation infrastructure policy with the purpose of promoting the social-economical development and the national integration.

Access the DNIT site and consult the Services Letter.

Besides, DNIT is the competent Federal Government body to perform the assignment listed in art. 21, of the Brazilian Traffic Code: in federal roads, it is responsible for the enforcement of fines by excess of weight and/or speed, through weighting posts and electronic bumps.

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What is SIAET?

The Special Traffic Authorization Management System - SIAET is a service provision computer system through the Internet, developed for the request, analysis and issuance of Special Traffic Authorization - AET, providing them directly by the Internet or expediting the process of those that need feasibility study.

The system was deployed on the Internet on 05/30/2005 and is already available for the whole National Territory since 04/03/2006, for the companies duly registered.

SIAET offers operation and management support to the Special Traffic Authorization - AET release process, as well as guideline to the users involving the survey and registration of special masterpieces dimensions and elements related to the limitations of weight and weight of vehicles in stretches of federal highways.

The technicians of the National Transportation Infrastructure Department - DNIT will be assisted by the system, among others, in the following tasks:

  • Analysis and release of AETs;
  • Control of the registry of the temporary and definitive restrictions;
  • Registry of the DNIT technicians;
  • Issuance of managerial reports.

In the system, a classification for each resolution of the National Traffic Council (CONTRAN) resolution was established, stipulating criteria for AETs approval.

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