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What is CRQ-3??

The Regional Chemistry Council – 3rd Region is a federal autarchy, equipped with private law legal personality, with administrative and patrimonial autonomy. It was instituted by the Law No. 2.800/56, regulated by the Decree No. 24.693/34, which purpose of to inspect the practice of professionals and companies of the chemical area in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

CRQ-3 mission is to watch the correct practice of the profession, promoting the welfare of the company upon the inspection of the professionals and the activities involving chemistry, making the chemistry professionals be present where their specific competence is mandatory.

"Chemistry promoting the welfare of the company"

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What is the Registration of the company at the CRQ-3?

The companies' registration and the note of the legally qualified professionals, in charge of them, are mandatory in the Regional Chemistry Councils, due to the basic activity or regarding the one to which it provides services to third parties, in accordance to the Law No. 6.839/80, combined with the Decree No. 5.452/43 and the Law No. 2.800/56.

It is part of the process of registration of a company, the indication of a professional of the Chemistry area, legally qualified, for its Technician Responsible, which has the responsibility on every chemical activities developed by it. However, according to Art. 2 of the Normative Resolution No. 12/59, a professional only becomes the Technician Responsible of a company, after the Regional Chemistry Council evaluates and approves his indication. For such, criteria such as the following are taken into consideration: company size (Normative Resolution No. 11/59), education (Normative Resolution No. 36/74) and work hours (Art. 5 of the Normative Resolution No. 12/59) of the indicated professional.

What is ART certificate (Technical Responsibility Note)?

The ART Certificate is the document that proves that the technical responsibility note was performed of a Chemistry professional, related to the activities under its responsibility, which may be permanent or temporary. In accordance to Art. 1 of the Normative Resolution no 47/78 of CFQ, the Regional Chemistry Councils are authorized to issue, to the Chemistry professionals registered in it, the ART Certificates, regarding the activities for which they state themselves responsible, as long as the assignment for which they are responsible are observed.

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