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Receita Federal

What is the Federal Revenue of Brazil?

1968 - Creation of the Federal Revenue Office, instituted by Decree 63.659/68, replacing the former National General Administration, as a result of the reforms of the 65/67 term, which adapted the tax administration to the quick growth experienced by the Country.

The Federal Revenue Office of Brazil is a specific, single body, subordinated to the Ministry of Finance, performing essential functions for the State to comply with its purposes. It is responsible for the administration of the tributes under responsibility of the Federal Government, including pension, and those on the foreign trade, covering significant part of the social contributions of the Country. It also subsidize the Federal Executive Power in the formulation of the Brazilian tax policy, prevents and fights tax evasion, trafficking, embezzlement, piracy, commercial fraud, drug and endangered animals trafficking and other illegal acts related to the foreign trade.

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What is CNPJ?

National Legal Entity Registry is a registry where every legal entity and similar (individuals who explore the individual name activity with profit purposes) are obliged to register before starting their activities. For the legal entity, the CNPJ has the same function as the CPF (Taxpayer Identification Number) for the citizen (individual), that is, an identification before the Federal Revenue of Brazil, that is the body responsible for managing the Individual and Legal Entity Registry.

CNPJ works as an identity and bears various pieces of information:

Opening date / Name of the company / Title or trade name, if any / Code and description of the main economical activity, CNAE and secondary activities, if any / Code and description of the legal origin / Address / Registry situation (consultation achievable on the Federal Revenue internet page).

Among other data that are interesting for the tax administration of the Federal, States, Federal District and Cities Government.

A typical CNPJ number has the format: 00.000.000/0000-00, where the first eight numbers form the "root" – the identifies the company, the following four form the "suffix" that identifies a company operation unit, that is, an activity address of the legal entity, and last two form the "verifier digit" that is result of an equation with the twelve previous numbers. Thus identifying the company's matrix and branches.

CNPJ shall be informed in any tax invoice of any company, as well as in the package of any industrialized product.

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