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What is CBMERJ?

It was in the year of 1856 that the Emperor Dom Pedro II organized the Court's Provisional Fire Brigade. Its creation is contained in the Imperial Decree 1775, of 07/02/1856.

Today, with the name of Military Fire Brigade of the State of Rio de Janeiro (CBMERJ) is an Auxiliary Force and Brazilian Army Reserve, and is part of the Brazil's Public Security and Social Defense System. Its members are called Servicemen of the States by the Federal Constitution of 1988, as well as the members of the Military Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Its mission is to perform the following services for the community:

Firefighting, Search and Rescue, Emergency Relief in Public Road, Forestry and Environment Assistance, Removal of Bodies, Inter Hospital Patients Transportation, Prevention of Accidents and Support in the Civil Defense actions.

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What is the Requirement Report?

It is the document issued by the Fire Brigade that contains the description of the equipment and/or devices necessary for the fire and panic safety of a building. It is the base document for the acquirement of Approval Certificate, which is the final CBMERJ approval document.

What is the Approval Certificate?

It is the document issued by the Fire Brigade that certifies the compliance with all the requirements contained in the Requirements Report. The Approval Certificate does not bear expiration date, however this Certificate remains valid while the architectural characteristics of the building (at the time of the Certificate issuance) remain unaltered.

In general, for the building to be deemed regulated at the Fire Brigade two documents are necessary: Requirements Report and the Approval Certificate.

"The Fire Brigade is responsible, in the scope of the State of Rio de Janeiro, manage every activity regarding the fire and panic security service, defined by the Fire and Panic Safety Code (CoSCIP) that is established by the Decree No. 897 of September 21st, 1976 and complementary legislations. This Code fixes the requirements due in the buildings, taking into consideration the protection of people and goods."

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