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Total Waste Management


TWM - Total Waste Management

Perenyi offers efficient and sustainable solutions with the deployment of the total waste management, through expert professionals in this area and exclusively dedicated to the operations of our clients in the Brazilian Petroleum and Gas segment, in the offshore and onshore areas, such as: Harbor operators, Navigation companies, Energy companies, Petrochemical Complexes, Refineries and etc.

Total Waste Management enables the application of environmental management instruments focused on a more efficient control of the processes of: Segregation, Packaging, Transportation and Final Destination of waste generated by support Vessels, drilling rigs and similar in areas under the jurisdiction of harbor facilities of public and/or private use (TUP), including the respective anchoring areas.

Perenyi carries and destines almost every types of waste, from recyclable to drilling mud, being licensed for the practice of its activities by the environmental bodies. The Recyclable receive special treatment, are separated from other waste not to be disposed as garbage, enabling its recovery upon a different package for each group of components, therefore enabling its transformation in to new products through a recycling process.

Concerned about the environment, Perenyi prioritizes alternative means for the reutilization of waste that besides being an environmentally more responsible means is financially more feasible. For that, it has entered into partnerships with several recycling companies.

Besides TWM, Perenyi offers services of:

  • Environmental documentation management, from the waste manifesto issuance to the final destination certificate;
  • Harbor clearance, which includes the whole documental flow at the bodies: ANVISA, Ministry of Agriculture, Federal Revenue and CDRJ;
  • Vessels tanks cleaning, Cutting boxes, among other reservoirs and metallic surfaces;
  • Equipment rental (Skips, Containers, Metallic boxes, Isotanks and Slings

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Our Differential

Perenyi does not outsource its activities, operates with 100% of its own resources, which include specialized workforce to their highest technology levels equipment (modern fleet and diversified modal), always aware of the news and trends of the market, investing in innovative products and services.