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What is SIASG?

The Integrated General Services Administration System SIASG, instituted by the Decree No. 1.094, of March 23rd, 1994, is the computer system for the support of the operational activities of the General Services System – SISG. Its purpose is to integrate the direct, autarchic and foundational Federal Public Administration bodies.

SIASG is the system where the governmental purchase operations of bodies integrating SISG (direct, autarchic and foundational Federal Public Authorization) are performed. The System includes the disclosure and performance of bids, the issuance of statement agreements,the administrative contract registration, the listing of materials and services and the registration of suppliers.

COMPRASNET Federal Government purchase portal and Electronic Auction

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What is SICAF?

It is a sub-system or module of SIASG responsible for the registration and qualification of individuals or legal entities that wish to take part in bids promoted by the bodies/entities part of the SISG (General Services Systems), as well as follow up the performance of the registered suppliers and extend the purchase options of the Federal Government.

What are the benefits and advantages for the Supplier?

Single registration at the Federal Public Administration, debureaucratization of the registration process and partial qualification, disclosure, in national level and increased speed in the update of the registration data and partial qualification, selection of supplier based on the material/service supply line, maintenance cost reduction of the company registration at the Federal Government bodies/entity and increased transparency and opportunity of participation in bidding processes. Legislation: IN-02 of 10/11/2010, IN-05 of 07/21/1995, PN-27 of 11/10/2010.

Who Developed the System? Federal Data Processing Service – Serpro, develops programs and services that enable increased control and transparency on the revenue and public expenses, besides facilitating the relation of the citizens with the government.

SERPRO Ministério do Planejamento Orçamento e Gestão (Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management) Brazil Federal Government