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What are Insurers?

Insurance companies are companies comprised as public liability companies, specialized in taking risks, that is, the obligation of paying the contracting party (insured), or whom it designates, an indemnification in case of incident, when the indicated and feared risk occurs, receiving in advance the established premium.

According to the Constitution (article 192), the insurance companies should obtain a previous authorization of the government to operate and govern their actions by the basic laws of the sector (Decree No. 73/66, regulated by the Decree No. 60.459/67), by the Civil and Commercial Codes and by regulations issued by the state regulating bodies.

The insurers may not have other products sales activity but insurances, pension plans and capitalization bonds. And may only participate in other fields of activity as investors.

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What is Environmental Insurance?

Instrument that intends to ensure the repair of damages unintentional damages caused to third parties, as a result of environmental pollution. Taking in to consideration the legal requirements, one of the restrictive penalties set out in Art. 12, of the Law No. 9.605/98 (Environmental Crimes) is the cash benefit that "comprises the cash payment to the victim or the public or private entity with social purpose, established by the judge".

What is RCTR-C Insurance?

The Cargo Road Courier Civil Responsibility Insurance (RCTR-C), According to the Circular Letter 10/2007 of the National General Insurances Federation and Art. 20 of the Decree No. 73/1966 this insurance is mandatory for the courier. It ensures the reimbursement of indemnifications required to pay for losses caused to transported merchandise, if there occurs an accident during the transportation, such as collision, rollover, tumbling, fire or explosion, in the whole national territory.

What is RCF-DC Insurance?

The Optional Civil Responsibility of the Road Courier for Missing Cargo Insurance (RCF-DC), this insurance is not mandatory for the courier. It ensures the coverage against risks of robbery by severe threat or violence, and also the so-called missing cargo.

What is Property Insurance?

This Insurance is considered strategic in certain situations, as the property losses may cease the company's activities. This insurance basic coverage is: Fire, Lightning (occurred within the land or building where the insured goods are), Explosion of any nature, among others , according to the hired modality.