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What is CONAMA?

National Environment Council if the advisory and deliberative body of the National Environment System, was instituted by the Law No. 6.938/81, that addresses the National Environment Policy, regulated by the Decree No. 99.274/90. It is comprised of Plenary, CIPAM, Advisory Groups, Technical Chambers and Work Groups. It is led by the Ministry of Environment and its Executive Office is exercised by MMA Executive Secretary.

"CONAMA Acts: Resolutions: technical guidelines and standards, criteria and patterns related to the environmental protection and the sustainable use of their resources; Motions: manifest addressed to the environmental theme; Recommendations: manifest on the deployment of policies, public programs and standards with repercussion in the environmental area, including on partnership terms addressed by the Law 9.790; Propositions: environmental matter to be submitted to the Government Council or the Commissions of the Federal Senate and the House of Representatives; Decisions: fines and other penalties imposed by IBAMA, in last administrative resort, through CER deliberation".

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What is PROCONVE P-7?

Control Program of Air Pollution by Automotive Vehicle (PROCONVE) was created on 05/06/1986 by CONAMA through Resolution No. 18 as a means of quality control of air in the urban centers. It is an adaptation of the international methodologies to the Brazilian needs, such as Euro V, which is effective in Europe.

In Brazil, the decrease of the emission levels allowed has been progressively deployed since the first version of PROCONVE. It ensures that every release of new vehicles and national and imported motors work within the limits of emissions allowed. We are in the seventh phase (P-7) that foresees a significant decrease in the emission levels allowed for the heavy vehicles line produced from January 1st, 2012. In order to be met, the phase requires, besides the modifications in the motors, new Exhaust Gas Recirculation system and diesel with reduced sulfur content (for example, BR's S110 diesel).

Every exhaust pipe emission is strictly tested, quantified and compared to the limits set out by company registered at INEA (CREV – Registry Certificate – Vehicle Emission).

CECA Resolution No. 4.814 of 04/17/2007 which approved the guidelines set out in DZ-572.R4

"Subjected to the Self-Control Program for Black Smoke Emission by Diesel Cycle Automotive Vehicles - Black Smoke PROCON every cargo and passenger carrier company, which uses diesel oil as automotive fuel and operate in the State of Rio de Janeiro".

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