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Environmental Risks Management

What is WGRA?

WGRA Gerenciamento de Riscos Ambientais Ltda, Company responsible for Perenyi Enmergency Service Plan (PAE). WGRA is reference in the market, counting on its corporate structure with widely experienced businesspeople and professionals with more than 20 (twenty) years practicing in the service provision areas, acting in Environmental Risks Management provides services deploying studies, analyses and risk management strategies, that are around its clients.

Specialized in Emergency Services and Prompt Response, chemical emergency and identification of the environmental impacts.

The structure of the organization is equipped with a modern 24 hours central in emergencies service, and bears a structure with more than 250 professionals present in the five regions of Brazil, those located in strategic points ensuring better agility to relative cases, that depends on its operation in its processes or operations, providing better service quality.

What is PAE?

The Emergency Service Plan (PAE) is fundamental and bears among other purposes and actions, the purpose of: Guide people and teams responsible for the emergency services, defining the first actions to be adopted and the human resources and material available; Establish technical and administrative procedures for emergency service, based on Brazilian legislation and standards; Act, in an organized and effective manner, in emergency situations, so that the fighting strategy deployed may neutralize the effect of the spill or minimize its consequences; Identify, control and extinguish the emergency situations, in the smallest space possible; Prevent or minimize the impacts on the population of the affected area, environment and equipment, facilities and third parties.

What is EPAE?

The Emergency Prompt Service Team (EPAE) is trained and qualified to immediately act, in emergency situation occurred under the coordination of the relevant bodies. EPAE, when engaged, immediately acts in the place of the accident, performing the following activities: Immediately eliminate the leakage or the overflow of the product; Remove or collect the product that leaked, in free phase; Empty the tank that presented or is under suspicion of leakage; Measure and eliminate the risks of explosion in closed environment; Other actions necessary for risk elimination.

Emergency Service: It is performed after the communication and actuation by the WGRA (Perenyi) Contracting Party, where it will immediately mobilize its prompt response structure, its closer human resources and materials, through its 24 hours Central (DDG 0800), as a result of the occurrence of the emergency situation or "Environmental Accident", that is, unexpected events that may directly or indirectly affect the safety and the health of the involved community, with potential of provoking impacts to the environment as a whole.

Emergência 0800 720 8000