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What is INMETRO?

The National Meteorology, Quality and Technology Institute (INMETRO) is a federal autarchy, bound to the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, that acts as Executive Office of CONMETRO, interministerial collegiate, that is the normative body of SINMETRO. Aiming to integrate an articulated systemic structure, SINMETRO, CONMETRO and INMETRO were created by the Law 5.966, of 12/11/1973, the latter being liable for replacing the former National Weights and Measures Institute (INPM) and significantly widen its operation radius at the service of the Brazilian society.

INMETRO mission is to provide confidence to the Brazilian society in the measurements and in products, through the metrology and evaluation of compliance, promoting the harmony of the consumption, innovation and competition relations of the Country.

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What is CIV?

The Vehicular Inspection Certificate (CIV) became mandatory, through Ordinance 457/2008 of INMETRO, that instituted RTQ-5 (Quality Technical Regulation 5 – Road Vehicle Inspections destined to the Hazardous Products Transportation) being mandatory for every vehicle used for the transportation of hazardous products, as recommended by the Ordinance 183/10 of INMETRO.

What is CIPP?

Inspection Certificate for Hazardous Products Transportation (CIPP) is only mandatory for equipment that transports hazardous bulk products. Provided in Ordinance 204/11 of INMETRO, CIP shall be issued after technical evaluation of the road equipment used in hazardous products transportation. Road equipment is defined as: Set formed by the cargo tank and operational devices, and body (open and closed), skip, container tank and crate.

Similar to the determination for the CIV, the road vehicle will be submitted to a series of visual inspections and mechanized in order to the CIPP shipping and the identification platelet to be approved.

What is a Tachograph?

It is the instrument or set of instruments intended to indicate and register, simultaneously, unalterably and instantaneously, the speed and distance covered by the vehicle, due to the elapsed time, as well as the parameters related to the conducting vehicle, such as: the time of work and the stop time and direction. The verification of the Tachographs has aims specially to ensure that the measurements performed by these instruments are reliable, according to the requirements established by Inmetro (Public Notice 01/2011, INMETRO Ordinance No. 444/2008, NIE DIMEL 100 and the INMETRO Ordinance No. 201/2004).

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